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Share Authentically

We strive to produce shows that matter.

We choose works that have not been put to stage before.

We aim to share authentically.

This is the mission of founder, Aaron Telander.

Aaron is a queer Korean American adoptee director and producer. He received his bachelor's degree, majoring in computer science and theater. He currently works as a product owner at a finance company, as he pursues an MBA.


His directing experiences include Coyfish by Michelle de Joya, Anne+Shae=4Ever by Beth Ann Powers, The Closed Door Disorder by HDog Avery, The Amish Project by Jessica Dickey, and a devised piece Words Matter - a show that recounted a variety of experiences from four Asian American women, as they made their way through the ups and downs of college life.

"I want to continue to create art that reflects real life. I want our audiences to see shows that resonate with them on a deep level. There are so many unrepresented and underrepresented groups that deserve a voice. I hope to give those groups a place on the stage, where we can capture what their lives are really like."

- Aaron Telander

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